Cynthie Thomas, President

Yes my name is Cynthie (pronounced “Sin-thee”) and its old Irish and early American. Don’t worry – I get that question a lot and I’ll pretty much answer to anything that sounds close.

I have lived in Spring, TX since I was 10 years old and attended Klein High School along with noted actors such as Sherry Stringfield from “ER” and Matthew Bomer from “White Collar”. I still stay involved with Klein Oak High School spirit with my youngest daughter’s drill team by going to all of the football games and competitions and by building props and costumes throughout the year. My oldest is now married and living in Orlando, FL. I still live in Spring with my husband, youngest daughter, 3 dogs, and 3 turtles as well.

I am the President of our little company, a full service marketing firm that serves small businesses throughout Texas. People have dubbed me the “go-to girl” because of my helpful resources and creative knowledge. I have a great attention for detail and can answer any questions, or refer you the right information.

I have been in marketing, project management and people management in Spring and The Woodlands, TX for 22 years. I have worked in the computer industry for 12 years and have owned 3 small businesses in various industries. My knowledge encompasses technology, construction, home services, retail and leisure industries among others. I focus on helping my clients by helping them attract more of their own clients that will lead to more profit for their business. I have experience in all facets of marketing, promotion, sales and training.

I am a marketer and trainer on all small business topics. I can be found on Facebook at and on Twitter at