There is always a lot written on the topic of social media, but I like to highlight things that make sense and are easy and cheap to implement. Social media happens to be one of the least expensive tools you have, and easy enough to test different ideas.

One of the groups that I am a member of on is called "Small Biz Nation" and they sent out a question to the group. "What is your small business doing with social media?"

There were quite a few answers, but one company posted a really great idea and I think it is a good one to try. It basically costs nothing except the man-power to keep track of it. Here is their posting so I can give them credit for the idea:

"We run a career management and resume development consultation firm. We have found that social media is a great way to locate and retain customers. We just got started on Twitter, but our Facebook page does well. I offer a 10% discount off of initial services to anyone signing up for my tweets or “liking” my Facebook page. If we can get on their like/friend list we are more likely to stay connected with them throughout their careers. Also, we post to online blogs and forums. We are starting to use LinkedIn to find customers too. (By joining relevant groups and seeking individuals who may need our services.) Our website,, has a direct link to our twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The links appear right on the first page so our customers cannot miss them!" posted by Victoria Kidd

How are you using social media? Have you figured out the best plan for your business? Leave me a comment, I like learning about new ways to use it.

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