Your Small Business Marketing Plan

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AP- your self promotion and  small business marketing resource
Learn more about Authentic Promotion - a comprehensive small business marketing resource that turns marketing and promotion into a path of increasing self-awareness, authenticity, and right livelihood. In particular, the principles you apply and the tools you learn build the solid foundation for writing a marketing plan that works.


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Contact an acknowledged expert on small business marketing Molly Gordon at:

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As a business coach and small business marketing consultant, Molly Gordon, MCC, is available in Greater Seattle Area and internationally


Marketing your business online can be frustrating. But, it doesn’t have to be. There is a ZEN way to online marketing.

If you are overwhelmed with internet marketing, you’re not alone. Most business owners have no idea how to start getting clients online. And without clients, there is no business.

This area on the website exists SOLELY to help guide you online. It is chock full of resources that we could easily charge for, but choose not to. So, please make the most of it!

You can download your free online marketing plan to the right, visit our online marketing blog, and check out the online marketing tools we recommend.